Preparation of the Soil & Site

To get your site prepared you will need to clear the site of all stones or other debris that are larger than 5cm in diameter, then rough grade the entire area to eliminate any drainage problems on the property.  This would include sloping the grade away from building foundations, eliminating or reducing severe slopes and low lying areas.

Initial tilling to a depth of at least 5cm should be completed prior to adding any topsoil.  This will control most annual weeds, alleviate subsoil compaction, allow a bonding of the topsoil to the subsoil and improve root penetration as well as air exchange and water movement.

Then add topsoil to achieve a total topsoil depth of 10-15 cm after firming Apply Easy Start lawn fertilizer at recommended rates and rake into the soil.

Finish grade the entire site, maintaining the rough grading contours and slopes. With a tractor and blade for large areas or hand tools for smaller areas.

Roll the area with a lawn roller to firm and settle the surface. Low spots should be filled to match the surrounding ground surface.  If time permits, allow area to settle further with rainfall or by applying irrigation. To see full instructions for preparation of your soil, see the links to the right.

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