Lawn Maintenance



* Check irrigation if necessary.

* Water as necessary only once or twice per week, watering deeply and in the morning.

* Scarify to dethatch surplus organic matter from your lawn, topdress and oversow with fresh seed.

* Apply a slow release fertiliser to maintain healthy growth.

* Mow weekly or as necessary, removing clippings.  Mow at approx 20mm height for browntop/fescue ( tranquility ) 30-35mm for ryegrass ( Tuff turf )

NOTE. Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time.

* Apply weting agents, this makes irrigation more efficient over the summer months.




* Watering as necessary.

* Mow weekly removing clippings.

* Apply slow release fertiliser.
* Treat lawn for grass grub/porina.
* Oversow your lawn if needed in March onwards.

Autumn  (APRIL,MAY)


* Treat lawn for grass grub if not already done.

* Adjust irrigation for season.

* Mow as necessay when lawn is dry removing clippings.

* Apply slow release fertiliser now to give your lawn the energy for the winter months.  Also makes it more resistant to pests and diseases.



Winter   (JUNE, JULY)


* Turn of irrigation.

* Mow when necessary, when lawn is dry removing clippings.

* Keep of your lawn if very wet/ frosty mornings.

* Get your lawn mower serviced and sharpened while not using it.