Landscaping Services

Many different species of grass are used, depending on the intended use and the climate. Coarse grasses are used where active sports are played, and finer grasses are used for ornamental lawns for their visual effects.

Tuff Turf is available exclusively from LUSH LAWNS.   It is a blend of the best and proven grass varieties available.
The varieties used are American ryegrass  SR4600 and a blend of creeping red fescue SR5250, chewings fine fescue SR5130.
SR4600 has fine leaf texture with vivid dark green colour. Giving you a stand out lawn.
Tuff Turf is best suited for full sun situations.  In high use areas,  Backyards, playgrounds and sportsfields

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Texture Turf is a mixture of fescue species that Lush Lawns have developed over many years of turf production.  Chewings fine fescue SR5130 and creeping red fescue SR5250.
This lawn mix gives you a very fine lawn suitable for full sun to shaded areas.
Best suited to shady spots, connoisseur lawns and for dry banks.
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